Launch NFT Collection without code

Smart contracts that you control

empowering the creators

80% Cheaper
mint gas fees

zero Code

Launch in
under 5 min

Everything you will ever need

True Ownership

You’re the owner of your NFT contract — your collection is independent, will exist forever, and supported by all major NFT marketplaces.

No-code deployment

Everyone can deploy a contract with our no-code easy to use system.

80% cheaper mints

Fine tuned ERC 721A allows for minting with 2k gas per extra mint compared to 115k for ERC721/

Free to use

No payment upfront. No email signup. Just connect your wallet and launch.

Presale, Dutch Auction

Launch with a presale to reward your early followers. Launch with Dutch Auction to find the best market price.

Bullet-Proof Security

Launch with trusted secure contract. Prevent bugs and problems from the start!

80% Lower minting cost

with our specially optimized ERC-721A contract

How Does it Work?

Three easy steps to deploy your collection
Step 1:


Upload images and metadata for your collection
Step 2:


Configure the mint price, total supply, etc..
Step 3:


Deploy your smart contract

Easy LaunchNFT is mutli-chain






coming soon


no upfront costs - we want to empower people

We take zero fee on any smart contract deployment

Only pay blockchain-specific gas fees

We only take 5% fee of the mint revenue to keep the platform going and bringing you best features every day

No secondary sales royalties - you keep 100% for yourself

5% fee

from primary sales only


Which blockchains do you support?

At the moment we support Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Avalanche. Support for other chains like Solana is coming soon.

Do I have control over the smart contract once I deploy it?

100%, you are the sole owner of the smart contract and you control everything in it. Including starting and pausing the sale, changing the BaseURI, withdrawing the funds after the mint etc..

Where are my images stored?

Your images are stored on the cloud in AWS/DigitalOceans database. Once you deploy the smart contract you will always have the option to change the BaseURI (link from smart contract that points to the images) to wherever you want.

What is the BaseURI?

BaseURI is the common path of the link for all the images (the image ID gets attached to the end of BaseURI), for example:

How much does it cost me to deploy my collection?

We offer a free plan where you pay nothing to us upfront and you share 5% of the mint revenue with us, other option is to pay upfront with $BYTES - this is only possible on Ethereum right now. In both cases you will still have to pay for the network gas fees when deploying the contract.

How do I create the Collection's metadata file?

You only need metadata if you have generative collection. If you have used a software to randomly create a collection out of parts, then the software should have created a metadata file as well.

EasylaunchNFT doesn't support what I want. I need a custom smart contract

For a smart contract with additional requirements, DM us on Twitter or email to

I am not technical and would like more guidance with launching my project.

We can help you set up your website to be fully responsive and ready for the launch of your project, we can also help you with building a community. For these inquiries it is best to contact us through Twitter at @EasyLaunchNFT, alternatively you can also reach us over email at